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PHP Developer

PHP Developer

PHP Developer

Job ID: 050820141
Type: Full-Time
Experience:3-4 Years
Location: Bangalore

We are seeking an experienced PHP wiz kid to help take our fast-growing, already successful company to the next level! This is a full time opportunity to work out of our Bangalore based office

In our company, you will have the opportunity to be put on the front lines where you will gain experiences you cannot find anywhere else. You will be given full ownership of projects that you will see through to completion

What you’ll be doing

Work collaboratively with our badass development team to learn the development process
Help deploy to and run projects in production environments
Write complex apps while maintaining a high level of unit test coverage to catch and prevent feature regressions
Support existing code base
Things you definitely need to get this job

Super strong Expertise in PHP and equivalent frameworks in PHP (CodeIgniter, Symphony, Zend, Laravel etc)
Good familiarity with front-end development technologies (HTML/CSS)
Advantage: Design studio
Good familiarity with latest JavaScript frameworks ( jquery, angular, ember etc)
Super duper team player
Experience on a large projects with 2 or more other developers that required multiple web servers
Experience with MySQL backends
Knowledge of NoSQL is a big plus
Experience with git
Knowing vagrant will be a big plus


Based out of Bangalore

If you have any questions, please mail us at:

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