Manage Call centre, Sales, Bookings, Customer payment cycles through a single platform

Property Management

List all the project and property on the portal with their details and marketing documents

Clients Management

A single point to every communication. Send mail, quotations, sms to your clients. Assign client to executives

Executive Management

Monitor performance & activities. Assign role, privileges, tasks & Leads. Manage Add executives, leave & attendance

Lead management

Manage all your leads in a simple and secure system.

Digital Marketing

Dynamically send listings to leads based on their preferences

Analytics and Reporting

Manage Performance Reports, Financial Reports & Operation Reports


Cloud based platform, independent of hardware.

Accessible using any device e.g. mobile, laptop, desktop

Real Time Insights.

Integrated tele calling

Most efficient way sales and support

Secure and user friendly

Email & SMS gateway Integration

Performance Reports, Financial Reports & Operation Reports

Monitor performance and activities


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FACT: Every Dollar you spend with us will eliminate waste and deliver efficiencies many times the value of your investment.

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