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Creed Global Technolgies bring together the combined expertise of process, analytics and data to orchestrate business insights to assist our customers Do Budiness Better.

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Web Application Development
Most of the online casinos make use of Flash, Java and JavaScript technologies when developing their website. Since these three technology are the most widely used by the casino websites, the casino resorts to the services of well versed and experienced web developers in order to develop a website that is both attractive and functional. In addition to the appearance of the casino website, the casino websites other features to attract the visitors. Some of these include the Java applets, java pagelets, flash banners and graphics. The casino websites usually provide the visitor with the options like the games being played, the number of players available, the payouts and other vital information about the casino. Once the casino websites are developed and the casino website hosting service provider is selected, the casino websites start providing an attractive and user friendly interface.

Every business setup goes through increased competition and new

Mobile App Development

Mobile app design and mobile app development are essential components

Software Product Development

What does it take to thrive in today’s fast-moving business climate?

Business Strategy and Roadmapping

Strategy Roadmap Consulting is a highly-structured, methodical approach

Technology Strategy and Roadmapping

Building technology in a growing business requires planning, foresight,


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Our business solutions majorly revolve around Ecommerce, CRM, Web/Mobile Apps & Customised applications

Enterprise Application

User Interface applications

Scalable Mobile applications