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SAAS Platforms

SAAS Platforms

Building subscription based software products on Web & Mobile


Application owners everywhere are shifting from on-premise deployment models to the cloud. And for good reason: SaaS means lower costs, faster deployments, and better scalability.

SaaS Development Basics



SaaS Products are built around the concept of subscriptions. From project management tools to data storage systems, a good SaaS product lets users try the product en masse for free to whet their appetite for potential customers.


SaaS Products live on the cloud, so every user should needs to be logged in through an ID. Because the account creation process is so tedious, SaaS apps can use Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to let users log-in, without forcing them to create yet another account.


SaaS products make it easy to add features over time. As customers request more functionality, SaaS allows businesses to add new components to their product offering, and when ready, place them on the market for use for new and existing buyers.

Today, empires run using the SaaS model. Enterprises like Salesforce, Microsoft Office and GoToMeeting are SaaS-based. Startups like Spotify, and Basecamp are also SaaS-based. SaaS Products, which stands for “Software as a Service” – are some of the best ways to develop software that can serve millions of customers over web and mobile though a rapid, flexible software framework.

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