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Top 5 Reasons Why Apps are Popular

Top 5 Reasons Why Apps are Popular

Top 5 Reasons Why Apps are Popular

Every business now has an app created for them, whether it’s an online service like a shopping site or an offline service like taxi service.  There are too many apps to handle by the users, to the extent that a new app to manage all the other apps in your phone has to be installed.

A couple of years ago when we did a research on how many local business websites are mobile friendly, we were surprised to see that a majority of them did not even have a mobile site in place.  Technology took a giant leap from there to a point where these businesses now have their own apps developed.  This is an indication that how much the mobile phone apps are popular with users.

Let us see the reasons behind the popularity of the mobile apps.

1.  Apps Make Life Easier
This is the first and foremost reason why apps are being lovingly embraced by the users.  When you could avoid going to the local bank for the transactions and instead were able to do it via websites, it made life easy, but now with an app for making transactions online available, it’s easier!  You need not wait for the web page to download and in a few simple steps, your work is done!   Similarly, an app to take the role of your gym instructor or an App for finding a taxi that is available close to your location, life has become so simple and easier.

2. Apps are Fun

If you go to a public place where people tend to wait, whether it’s a railway station or a hospital,  you come across people glued into their smartphone playing games on their game apps or chatting away through messenger apps.  All the FM radio stations have their own apps to provide you unlimited entertainment.   Want to watch movies and videos on the go? Just install youtube into your smartphone and you can watch videos anytime, anywhere!  This fun, entertaining element of apps makes it an inevitable accessory for the users.

3. Apps Provide Innovative Solutions

A major example of innovative apps is google maps app.  It is common these days for people to give an address and tell you “put on your Google Map and reach”.  It is so convenient that you do not have to ask directions to anyone if you are going to a new location or address.  If you want to keep a close watch on your expenses, there are apps designed for that, which will give you a clear idea about your spending habits. Basically, anything you want to make your life better, apps will have something to offer.

4. Apps Help in Communications Big Way
Apps have made long-distance phone calls inexpensive.  One touch on your app and you are connected to your dear ones sitting across the globe.  People love to connect and apps come in handy, so much so that everyone feels connected and updated every second.

5. Apps Help Boost Your Business Whether you have a small business or a large one, an app is a constant reminder of your business to your customer.  It is a special connect that you share with your customer and he is more likely to do a business with you as you are always “around the corner” for him with your services one tap away.

Every technology will have its boons and menaces, but right now, mobile applications rule, and it’s only going to get better in the next few years.

Can we simply say that we have entered into big “App” age? I would like to know your thoughts that “how app has changed your daily life “…..


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